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Books on Shastriji

Lal Bahadur Shastri Memorial

Books on Shastriji

Many authors and writers paid their homages to Shastriji through their writings, which have been well received in the academic world and by the public at large. About 50 books on Shastriji’s life, work and achievements in different fields have so far been published.

Collection of books on
Lal Bahadur Shastri

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Remembering Shastriji

In nutshell, Shastriji was a visionary of the 21st century but left this earth planet in the 20th century. The cruel hands of death snatched him away when the country needed him the most. Throughout his life, he tirelessly worked for the sovereignty and integrity of the nation and pride and dignity for every Indian. Born in a poor family, Shastriji never ran after pelf and power but rose to the dizzy heights to occupy the highest position in the country due to his matchless simplicity, sincerity and honesty. With gratitude, the nation pays a grand salute to his towering personality made of strong convictions and sheer courage.

Shastri Ji Family
End of an unique journey