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Minister in UP & Central Governments

Lal Bahadur Shastri Memorial

Minister in UP & Central Governments

In 1947, Shastriji joined Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant government in UP as Police and Transport Minister and introduced many reforms. Later he was interested with a responsibilty of Home Minister in GB Pant Ministry UP. He joined as a Railway Minister 'Pandit Nehru Cabinets' in 1952 and taking the responsibility of Arivallor train accident, he tendered his resignation as Railway Minister.

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He was a role model for his colleagues and he resigned from his position taking moral responsibility of a train accident. He was then inducted as Commerce and Industry Minister. His exemplary services to the nation were unmatched. On his visit to Allahabad in 1956 he had his first heart attack but he did not rest and continued to work tirelessly.

As Home Minister, Shastriji work was commendable but under K. Kamraj Plan, on moral grounds he resigned though he was not asked to resign. Pt. Nehru with heavy heart accepted his resignation.

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